Tower Trainer

This trainer utilizes patented imaging technology that allows realistic viewing. It is ideal for laparoscopic training in a two-dimensional field without setting up traditional video-endoscopic camera equipment.

A removable cover conceals the subject from direct view. The adjustable periscope allows the user to sit or stand and may be modified to fit any height. The upper most mirror simulates a video monitor, conveying a realistic replication of surgery, and manipulation of instruments. The viewing angle of the tissue pad may be altered and the simulated tissues are easily replaced. A removable lens magnifies the field of vision.

Plus de détails

  • TPT-10

Skill Development:

  • Perform basic laparoscopic skills
  • Improve eye-hand coordination and dexterity
  • Practice transferring, dissection and suturing

Features and Benefits:

  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Periscope is adjustable to accommodate any height
  • Viewing angle can be adjusted
  • Variety of task modules can be used and are easily replaced
  • Field of vision can be magnified

Product Components:

  • Tower trainer body
  • Top mirror
  • Platen
  • Light
  • Two halves of the periscope
  • Power cord
  • Lens
  • Assembly instructions


  • Size: 24" h; 24" w; 12" d
  • Weight: 18 lbs

Electrical Options:

  • Available in 110-120 or 220-240 volt AC circuit requirement
  • Plug adapter provided is specific to localized country of use
Instruments not included.

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