Advanced Venipuncture Arm

This product provides the ideal platform for all healthcare trainees needing to practice the skills related to venipuncture, phlebotomy and IV cannulation. Designed with durability, realism and ease of use in mind, this product addresses the fundamental needs of clinical skills instructors, trainees and technicians.

  • Venipuncture
  • Phlebotomy
  • IV Cannulatio

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  • 00290

Features for both Advanced and Standard Venipuncture Arm:
  • Skins are durable
  • Veins last for up to 500 insertions of 21g needle
  • Blood has been reformulated to improve leak resistance of veins. Now ships as a concentrated liquid to save you money and storage space
  • Arm allows for digital pressure to stem blood flow
  • Infusion tube allows for volume IV fluids to be administered
  • Veins are easy to replace
  • Can be used with vacuum blood collection systems, needle & syringe, and IV cannulas
  • Realistic blood flashback
  • Realistic, soft, flexible skin and underlying palpable veins
  • Easy to clean, service and maintain
Features for Advanced Arm:
  • Realistic blood flashback from pressurized fluid system
  • 'Closed' blood flow system with no messy bottles to change
  • Pressure of blood can be easily adjusted
  • Veins are leak resistant when used at the correct pressure
  • Accessible veins: dorsal metacarpal, cephalic, basilic, and median cubital are easy to replace
Package contents
  • 1 AV Arm Skin Light Part No:00291
  • 1 AV Arm Veins Part No: 00292
  • 1 AV Vein Module Part No: 00295
  • 1 Concentrated Venous Blood Starter Pack: 00020
  • 1 AV Lubricant Part No: 00293
  • 1 Pressurized Fluid Unit with fluid priming bottle
  • 1 stand
  • 1 arm shell

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