CentraLineMan Advanced Replaceable Tissue

NEW! Advanced Replaceable Tissue for Central Line Training

Simulab understands the importance of providing users with a product line that has functionality over multiple procedures. As students’ progress, or seasoned physicians’ look to enhance their vascular access training, add the industry’s only anatomically variant vascular tissue to your CentraLineMan system to create the most extensive central line insertion training platform on the market.

The CentraLineMan Advanced Replaceable Tissue offers users the opportunity to practice full CVC insertion skills on a patient with an anatomical anomaly. With anatomical variation of the right internal jugular, this tissue offers a simulation of a patient in an emergent situation in which the user has limited access options. Locating the target vessel for insertion, ultrasound, and cannulation are significantly more difficult, and demonstration of advanced skills are required for successful placement.

Plus de détails

  • CLMAT-50

Features and Benefits

  • Anatomically correct, ultrasound compatible tissue, with all relevant landmarks and variant vascular anatomy
  • Enhanced procedural difficulty—Develop users skills by introducing anatomical variations
  • Market leading durability—self-sealing tissues and veins provide the greatest value, in frequency of needle sticks and full catheterizations per access site, of any trainer on the market
  • Exceptional ultrasound imaging through repeated use—needle sticks and full catheterizations do not degrade the image acuity
  • Two colors of simulated blood differentiate the arterial and venous vessels—provides immediate feedback of unsuccessful cannulation
  • Arterial pulse is present and vein realistically compresses under palpation
  • Easily adjustable venous pressure regulator allows for vein compression or low pressure simulation scenarios
  • Replaceable tissues come pre-filled with blue venous and red arterial fluid. Tissues can remain filled when not in use, and are easy to refill with provided fluid when necessary
  • Portability—practice simulation in settings of actual patient care



  • Size: 10.5" h; 8.5" w; 2.5" d
  • Weight: 3 lbs

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