Simulated IV Bag Package

The Simulated IV Bag will provide continual fluid flow or control of the drip rate at the procedure site as desired. It is compatible with the Large Venipuncture Pad, the Deep Vessel Venipuncture Pad, and LumbarPunctureBaby.


  • Two Simulated IV Bags
  • Table Top IV Pole
  • Red Concentrate

NOTE: Not compatible with the Adult Lumbar Puncture / Epidural Trainers.

Plus de détails

  • IVB-10

Features and Benefits:

  • Holds up to 1,000 ml of fluid
  • Provides continual pressure to fluid reservoirs 
  • Control the flow level or drip rate

Compatible Products:

  • Large Venipuncture Pad (VPP-80)
  • Deep Vessel Venipuncture Pad (VPP-82)
  • LumbarPunctureBaby (LPB-10)


  • 20"x9"x1"

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